Aluminum Die Casting
Die casting process is the method of producing precision castings by pouring molten (liquid) Aluminum, Zink or Magnesium alloys into metal dies with pressure, letting the poured liquid metal solidify and then removing the metal dies so that the cast component may be retrieved. The process is widely used to manufacture castings for various types of applications such as Electronics and Automobile industries.

Dies are made in two or more sections with: holes, bosses, lugs, cavities and contours corresponding to the component, machined in the inside face. When the two or more sections are mated, or bolted together, the inside cavity will be the component form.

Our factories have variety of injection machines from 50 tons to 850 tons to better handle your applications.

Our evaluation process includes the following steps:
  • Product Design & Development for Aluminum, Zink and Magnesium Alloy,
  • Tooling Design in competitive Lead Time.
  • Mock Ups and rush in T1 samples for FAI approval.
  • Anodize & RFI Protective Coating.
  • Teflon Coating for High-Temperature Applications.

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