Custom Made Assembled Cables
& Wire Harnesses
MetaliCom cable assembly has vast proven experience in mass production of both Copper and Fiber Optic Custom Made cables.

We have the capabilities to build your cables in Crimp, Solder and Molded technologies for a variety of applications: Automotive, High-frequency communication products, Telecommunication, Computers and Networking Cables.
  • Fiber Optic Patch Cords: Simplex, Duplex, Single & Multi modes cables with all connector types SC /FC /ST /MTRJ /LC /MU..
  • Military Tactical Custom Made Cables.
  • LAN Category 5,5E, 6 cables.
  • IP67 Outdoor CAT5E cables.
  • RGB Monitor Cables.
  • SCAI I, II & III Cables.
  • Computer & Data Cables.
  • Flat Cables.
  • RF Cables.
  • Audio/Video Cables.
  • AC Power Cables.
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