CNC & Metal Processing
MetaliCom have its full range of operations control by CAD/CAM technology.
We have the advanced modern machines dedicated for each of the metal process stages:

CNC Machining, Extrusion, Die building, Stamping, Punching, Welding, Silk Screens Plating, Painting, Anodize, and special coatings to deal with EMI/RFI protections, and Teflon Coating for High temperature applications.

CAD/CAM Application:
MetaliCom fully utilizes CAD/CAM technology to engage in all manufacturing processes of Analysis, Simulation, Design and Cartography.
These outputs draw up the production plan, manufacturing procedure and control production processes which insure efficiency, better quality at reasonable costs.

Laser Cutter Process:
Laser cutter is suitable for Proto Type and High Mix/Low Volume type of Jobs were high accuracy, less burrs and scratches are required.

For Mass production it will be more flexible and economic to utilize Laser cutter with punch press and NC modern punch press equipments simultaneously.

NC Punch Press Process:
NC Punch Press is the most suitable for small jobs.
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