Metals & so Much More.
MetaliCom LLC is a leading Design & Manufacturing company for Custom Made Metal Parts, Cable & PCB Assemblies, Mechanical & Electromechanical products.
MetaliCom LLC has the leverage of offering a comprehensive range of Services in Design, Manufacturing, Assembly and Testing in its South Korea, Taiwan, HKG& China Facilities.

MetaliCom LLC provides its customers with superior quality of services accommodating with their needs from the Initial Sourcing & Design stages through out Manufacturing & Assembly processes.
MetaliCom LLC provides Design, Production & Integrations of:
  • Mock Ups, Plastic Moulds Design & Injections.
  • Aluminum, Magnesium & Zink Die Casting.
  • Custom Made Metal Parts in Extrusion, Punching & CNC Machining.
  • Anodize & RFI Protective Coating.
  • Teflon Coating for High-Temperature Applications.
  • Full Design of Metal Boxes, Cabinets and 19" Racks.
  • Cable Assemblies, Harnesses & Enclosures.
  • PCB Assembly in SMT and Thru-Hole Technologies.
MetaliCom Has the Capabilities to Support You with:
  • Technical Consulting & Engineering Expertise to Design/Redesign.
  • Proto-Types & Mass Production.
  • Integration & Testing.
  • After Sale Support & Customer Service.
Metalicom, LLC.
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