Sub-Racks & Cabinets

MetaliCom offers “Off the shelf” and Custom Built Sub-Racks that would fit your exact requirements.  We would design and build your requirements from the Initial Concept to Project Completion.

Our Sub-Racks design and Manufacturing capabilities include the entire Cage and all its core accessories: Front panels, Card Guides, Motherboard Assemblies, Power Supplies and Fan Drawer.

In fact, there are two basic types of Sub-Rack constructions:
  • Sheet Metal: Can offer a high degree of customization with either Aluminum or Steel.
  • Aluminum Extrusion: Can offer strong and rigid design were less weight is a must.
Our standard “Off the Shelf” Sub-Racks can come in either Full Rack size (19”) or Half Rack size (9.5”) and in verity of U heights.  (1U = 1.75 inches 44.45 mm)

We can offer different types of Wet Colors, Powder Coating, Silk Screen and variety of finishes, letting your Sub-Rack have the look you like.

We have an extensive experience in Design and Manufacturing different type of Cabinets for Commercial and Military applications.

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